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            3. Welcome to the China·Berpu Medical Technology Co., Ltd.


              Founded in 1996, Berpu Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer specialized in single-use medical device. Now the headquarters is located at Konggang new district, Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, with floor space 23300㎡, building area 60000㎡ including 12000㎡clean room and 608 staff. The main products are medical stainless steel cannulas, sterile hypodermic needles, insulin pen needles, insulin syringes, sterile syringes, infusion sets, blood collection needles, infusion needles etc... It passed the ISO9001, ISO13485 and CE in 2003; Some products were listed in WHO purchasing catalogue in 2005; Berpu passed GMP in 2007; 20-year accumulation and precipitation, 20-year improvement and perfection, 20-year innovation and advancement, Berpu has obtained more than 50 utility model and invention patents. Products are exported to Europe, America and other 48 countries.


              As a medical technology company, in line with the idea "persistent in health, benefit the world" and the general quality policy "High quality, Berpu's vitality", Berpu is constantly devoted to the technology innovation and process improvement, and introduces professional research and production talents in large number by which inject the motive power for the improvement of manufacturing strength. Continuous R&D enhances the improvement in product quality. It is Berpu's utmost faith to offer the most sophisticated products to serve human health.

              Copyright ? Berpu Medical Technology Co., Ltd. ALL Rights Reserveds    Technical Support:LianKe
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