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            3. Welcome to the China·Berpu Medical Technology Co., Ltd.


              Phrase I: Introduction of International advanced technology and improvement of China cannula production



              BERPU began the production of medical use cannula and BERPU is the earliest company in China who developed the full process production line starting from pipe welding to finished products.

              BERPU continues to explore ultra-fine stainless steel tube market in various areas like watches, knitting and cosmetology.



              September The new plant was established and registered as "WENZHOU BEIPU SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD." in Wenzhou industrial park.



              September Start to use the factory in Wenzhou industrial park with 13000㎡ building space, 5 times larger than original's.



              Continuously put into production like sterile syringe, insulin pen needles, insulin syringe, sterile syringe, infusion set, blood collection needles and infusion needles etc., and granted the product registration certificate issued by CFDA.



              March Passed the TUV CE and ISO certification and products officially entered into EU market.



              January UK K1 auto-disable syringe was put into mass production .

              June Independent research and development auto-assembly line of insulin pen needles and insulin syringe had been put into production, which is earliest in China.

              August Part of the products continuously entered into US market.



              July Products were listed in WHO purchasing catalogue.

              Safety syringe were put into production.


              Phrase II Expand production capacity and ensure more patients to get access to BERPU's high quality needles.



              November The First batch passed GMP pilot inspection by SFDA.



              December For the first time, the needles output broke through 4billion pcs per year.



              January the Independent research and development needle auto-grinding machine had been officially put into production.

              February upgraded the assembly line for hypodermic needle product to lager capacity and better auto-detection.



              February Independent research and development second generation of insulin needle assembly line had been formally put into production.



              August BERPU further strengthened the R&D group and investment for R&D workshop to enhance innovation ability and development level.


              Phrase III Enhance innovation ability to make the needle not only high quality but also safer.



              Berpu keeps on product innovation, management innovation, marketing innovation and constant improvement.

              Continuously granted with Science and Technology (innovation) enterprises from various levels.



              June Began the production of brand-new safety products

              December continuously put the brand-new insulin pen needles, insulin syringes, blood collection needles production line into production.



              June The new factory in Wenzhou Konggang district start to put into operation with 4.5 times larger (60000㎡) than original one's in building area.

              July passed the audit by CFDA.

              August passed the site audit by American FDA.

              September Renamed as "BERPU MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD." with registration capital of 56 million yuan.

              December Achieved the constant high-speed growth for 3 years.

              Achieved more than 50 patents for utility models and innovation.


              20 years continuous improvement

              20 years constant innovation



              Copyright ? Berpu Medical Technology Co., Ltd. ALL Rights Reserveds    Technical Support:LianKe
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